Upcoming Events

31 January 2018 - 19:30. Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. Centennial Concert Hall. Winnipeg, MB, Canada. 

Premiere of #DryColdCoversations by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. The WSO commissioned Karen Sunabacka to write the piece for the 2018 New Music Festival. The piece explores new and seasoned Manitoban's experiences of Winter. For more information or for tickets visit the WSO website.

27 January - 2 February 2018 - Mentor Composer at WNMF Composers Institute. Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

Karen Sunabacka will be a mentor composer for the WNMF Composers Institute. For more information visit the WSO website.

28 February 2018 - 12:30. Conrad Grebel University College. Waterloo, Ontario.

Mama's Painting: Louis Riel's Dream will be performed during a FREE noon hour concert in the Chapel. Local musicians, and Karen Sunabacka herself will be part of the performance. For more information visit the University of Waterloo website.

8 May 2018 - 20:00. Groundswell. Winnipeg Art Gallery

A performance of Mama's Painting: Louis Riel's Dream. For more information or for tickets check out the Groundswell website.


6 June, 2015: Premiere of Mama's Painting: Louis Riel's Dream at Agassiz Chamber Music Festival

The resulting composition was a powerful testament to a family of artistic visionaries, and, more importantly, one Metis woman’s journey toward uncovering her historically lost identity.
— Claudia Garcia de la Huerta, Classic 107 FM

Read the full article here: News at Classic 107 FM

Recent Projects and Events

22 and 24 of February 2017- 19:30. Premiere of De natura sonorum by ORCHESTRE METROPOLITAiN. Montreal, Canada

De natura sonorum was composed by Hartery/David/Ware/Sunabacka/É. Champagne. This was a collaborative project where each composer wrote one movement about their region of Canada. Karen Sunabacka wrote the slow movement about the Canadian Prairies. 

17 September, 2016 - 8:00 pm. Premiere of Across the Grasslands by the Regina Symphony Orchestra.

The RSO commissioned Karen Sunabacka to write the piece for Gordon Gerrard's inaugural season. 

4 February 2016, 20:00. Premiere of All Night A Dark Wind Blows. 

All Night A Dark Wind Blows was a collaboration with Montreal based improviser-composer-hyperflutist Cléo Palacio-Quintin.

24 February 2016, 20:00. Manitoba Premiere of All Night a Dark Wind Blows.

This was a Groundswell season concert with Karen Sunabacka guest curating. The concert was titled Electric Breath and featured Cléo Palacio-Quintin. 


8 March 2016, 19:30, McNally Robinson, Winnipeg, Grant Park in the Travel Alcove.

Karen Sunabacka gave a special talk entitled Composing our Stories: Inspired by Family and the Prairies. This was presented as part of the McNally Robinson ongoing Meet the Composer series. For more information visit the McNally Robinson website here.


  • Upcoming CD project with Pianist Dr. Darryl Friesen